Viewing log files

About this task

The application performs continuous monitoring of how users are accessing the business entities in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The log report displays information about the events, date/time, users, entities, severity level (debug, information, warning, and error) and messages.


  1. Select Settings > Entitlement Manager.
  2. Click Logs.
  3. Select the Enable check box.
  4. Select one of the following:
    • Debug Logs: Information to help troubleshoot issues.
    • Information Logs: General information about the user/system activities.
    • Warning Logs: Messages that describe errors or exceptions which are not critical.
    • Error Logs: Errors that prevented the system from performing the requested action.
  5. Click Save Log Settings.
  6. To perform a basic search, in the Search box, type a keyword to retrieve the desired logs.
  7. To search logs for a desired time period, from the View drop-down list, select a duration.
  8. To perform an advanced search, click Advanced Search.
  9. Specify the following details:
    • Select Time Range: Date and time in the UTC timezone
    • Severity Level: Select a severity level. For example, Debug Logs.
    • Event: Select one of the following:
      • Any
      • Retrieve: An event type where a user views a single entity record.
      • Retrieve Multiple: An event type where a user views multiple entities.
      • Create: An event type where a user creates an entity record.
      • Update: An event type where a user updates an entity record.
      • Delete: An event type where a user deletes an entity record.
      • Username: Username to retrieve logs for a particular user.
      • Entities: A Dynamics CRM entity name.
      • Message: Messages defined in the policy.
  10. Click Search.