Configuring connection to Control Center

About this task

This section decribes how to configure Policy Controller settings, and manage system exceptions. The Policy Controller settings are used by EM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to communicate with NextLabs Policy Controller to determine if users have sufficient rights to access Dynamics CRM entities.


  1. Select Settings > Entitlement Manager.
  2. Click General Settings.
  3. In the Policy Server Host box, type the NextLabs Control Center server host.
  4. In the User Name box, type the user name.
    For example, Administrator.
    Note: You can find the information in the CloudAz registration confirmation email.
  5. In the Password box, type the password of the user name.
  6. In the Client ID box, type the ID associated with the PEP.
  7. In the Client Secret Key box, type the secret key associated with the Client ID.
  8. Click Verify Connection to make sure the Policy Controller is running.
    The following status appears if the connection is successful.

    Connection established successfully.

  9. In the Exception Message box, type a message for the end user describing the reason for exception.
  10. Enter the following details to manage enforcement for any exceptions.
    The default message is as follows.

    Access denied due to system error. Try again and contact the system administrator if the problem persists.

  11. In the Default Message box, type a message for display to the end user when the user is denied access either due to policy violation or if no policy is deployed.
    The default message is as follows.

    Access denied, you are not authorized to perform this operation.

  12. In the Refresh cached configuration settings section, type the time interval in minutes to allow EM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to check the cache for any updates to configuration and user information settings.
    Note: For better system performance, NextLabs recommends setting large time intervals, for example, 720 minutes, if the entity schemes, user information, and configuration settings are not going to be changed frequently.
  13. Click Save Settings.