About EM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multi-faceted platform where everything you need to develop, improve and retain your client relationships is stored. It has centralized customer information, business intelligence, ability to track sales opportunities, and more. However, the ease with which Dynamics CRM enables collaborators to share data and manage their own fine-tuned access controls results in serious risks in terms of inappropriate data access, distribution, and loss.

NextLabs Entitlement Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to address this challenge, by enhancing compliance and security for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. It enforces policies on the application across different Dynamics CRM entities such as contact, account, and so on. Based on policies, EM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM filters entity records based on the user attributes and the entity attributes. For example, the application can enforce policies to allow account executives to view only those accounts that match their business unit with the industry.

EM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM resides on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server and works with on-premise and online Dynamics CRM applications.